SSIS-738 | "The Air Conditioner Temperature Is High And Mummun..." The Boss's Wife Who Wants To Fuck Shows Off Her Sweaty Cleavage And Tempts Her Horny Saki Okuda

SSIS-738 |
Studio: S1 NO.1 STYLE

A secret pleasure of a celebrity couple who can't handle boredom. A man who works as an executive of a listed company sets his eyes on Yuki, a regular employee who seems naive, in order to please her frustrated wife. Suddenly, Yuki is called to his boss's house above the clouds, and he visits nervously, but Saki, a beautiful witch, involuntarily lusts at his pure appearance. Raise the temperature of her air conditioner and seduce her husband's subordinates who are confused by showing off her sweaty plump breasts. "Young And Cheerful Ji Po" Gets Fucked By The Boss's Wife And Devoured! ! !


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