FSDSS-699 | "Aren't you embarrassed to get an erection outside?" Chiharu Mitsuha, a slutty older sister who teases her masochistic man to the brim by taking her to a hotel and making him ejaculate over and over again at the very limit of the date

FSDSS-699 |
Label: Faleno Star
Categories: Beautiful Girl
Studio: Faleno

``You're definitely going to fall in love with me♡'' Even though I have a girlfriend, a female friend forcefully asks me out on a date... She goes on a date around town while being seduced by close whispers. He keeps teasing and provoking her female friend without touching her penis, and when he reaches his limit and confirms that he has an erection, he immediately takes her to the hotel and fucks her until he runs out of sperm! A seductive date NTR that will make you painfully excited with guilt and the thrill of being found out!


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